Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bingkai Gambar Kreatif dan Menarik Untuk Dinding Kediaman Anda (desidn by )

Here we post several attractive and (absolutely) creative photo frame design that will rock you with their originality design. What do you think about these wall clock photo frame below? out of mind, right? stylish and neat to store your favorite photo by it’s small hole places for photos. 12 photos to 12 numbers. Not only decorative element but also very useful items in any room. Chose different shape and color to get different style. The wall clock with dark color like black very suitable to store your old photo, your lovely grandma or grandpa white black photos that printed many years ago will add some classic touch. Hanging to your living room wall to memorabilia.
For teenage, you will surprise with these colorful wall clock collections.
Yellow, red, pink in one colorful square wall clock photo frame will enrich your teenage bedroom interior design. Also available photo trees that could store a lot of photo, hanging photo frame that look like a stand lamp and cool photo frame wall hooks.

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